Internet of Things Bootcamp in Collaboration with Cisco

LEARN: Cutting Edge Internet of Things Curriculum

Developed in collaboration with Cisco, our immersive curriculum allows you to learn how to install, maintain and troubleshoot critical components of IoT solutions, including hardware, devices, software platforms and applications. You’ll experience integrating IoT devices and end systems. Hands-on learning and committed, knowledgeable instructors bring the concepts to life, and enable you to develop a combination of network technology know-how and creative, out-of-the-box problem-solving skills to actively address business and customer needs.

This bootcamp is designed to teach foundational knowledge that is part of the Cisco CCENT and CCNA industry certification exams. In addition, this bootcamp includes test preparation for CCENT and CCNA industry certification exams and vouchers for the first attempt of the exams.

BUILD: In Makerspaces, Hackathons & Employer-Based Experiences

Here, you’ll do much more than learn about the latest IoT technologies. You’ll fabricate and build things, practice rapid prototyping while connecting networks and devices. You’ll take part in hackathons, solve real-world problems for partner companies, and learn to present your projects to peers and industry professionals with the support of faculty coaches.

GROW: Industry Experience and Networking Opportunities

Your program experience culminates in an industry project where you’ll collaborate with your peers during the last 6 weeks of the program. You will do everything from framing the problem and posing a solution to creating a plan for execution and presenting your recommendations to the key decision-makers at the partner company.

We’re bringing this experience to our students in partnership with Fortune 50 companies such as Johnson Controls.


Our IoT Networking & Field Service Bootcamp is designed to teach students the skills they need to go from digital novice to Field Technician in 3 phases over the course of 6 months. Prepare to collaborate in both a classroom and business setting, and learn how to keep pace with technical demands of the rapidly changing IoT economy.