A commitment to help you finish your degree

We know you’ve worked hard at Westwood College and have already completed some of the courses required to earn your degree. DeVry University and Westwood College have arranged to help Westwood students continue their education towards the completion of their degree.

At DeVry, we want to help you complete your education and keep moving forward.

Group Tuition Benefits for Westwood Students

At DeVry, we are focused on what you are focused on – your education. We are offering a special benefit to eligible Westwood students. When transferring from Westwood into a qualifying DeVry program, an eligible student who stays continuously enrolled and does not repeat classes or take classes outside of the covered program of study will not pay more than the per-credit hour rate and total tuition amount on the student’s Westwood enrollment agreement.  

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Harness the Power of Technology at DeVry

We understand technology is central to businesses everywhere, so we’ve put it at the core of our Business, Tech and Health programs with our TechPath approach at DeVry. It’s a tech-forward, experiential education, created to bring distinct value to our students and help our graduates stand out in the modern workplace. Learn more about DeVry TechPath.