Bridge to Brilliance

Delivering Tertiary Education to Qualifying Bahamian Residents

Ever wondered what earning a degree from a University in the United States could do for you?

Now, qualifying residents of the Bahamas can continue their education online and pursue an undergraduate or graduate certificate or degree from DeVry University at significant tuition savings, including 100% complimentary* first session of enrollment!

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#Bookstore fees are the responsibility of the student even during first session of enrollment.

Education Designed with You In Mind

Gain the knowledge and skills you need and still focus on what’s most important to you. Because we want to empower your growth and career development, we’re offering access to online university programs that fit your life.

Stand Out in the Digitally Driven World

The ability to navigate and leverage technology—it can give you the edge you need to help drive business forward and fuel your career. The TechPath approach at DeVry centers on tech-infused education in our Business, Tech and Health programs, to help our graduates stand out in the modern workplace.

DeVry TechPath grew out of the understanding that students need a different kind of education to prepare them for a world that’s tech-intense, constantly changing and connected as never before through the digital mesh – an ever-expanding dynamic interaction of smart machines, information, applications and human beings.