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5 Technology Trends to Look Forward to in 2022

There's no stopping the freight train that is technology — a facet of human life that is continuously evolving. The year 2022 presents another time of revolution in the digital world. Here are five trends in technology helping to lead the charge.

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Expand Your Horizons by taking on Stretch Assignments

No matter what their goals and ambitions are, people tend to crave adventure and new hurdles to overcome. That's why taking on stretch assignments has become an appealing strategy for discovering new skills and abilities you never knew were there in the first place.

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Protect Your Data: 8 Cybersecurity Tips for Online Shopping

With so many people shopping online, cybercriminals have no shortage of targets. Your personal information can quickly become a tool for their own financial gain. Keeping an eye on your cybersecurity practices can help you keep your information safe and secure.

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What Work Can You Pursue With an Engineering Technology Degree?

What’s the difference between engineering technology and engineering? There are many distinct differences that set these two apart. Let’s dive into these differences to help you determine which may better align with your interests.

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Want Credit for What You’ve Done? Restart Your Goals!

Millions of Americans start college but face something that gets in the way of finishing. If you’ve ever hit the pause button on your education, it’s a great time to restart your goals! At DeVry, we can help with our transcript evaluations, stackable programs and more.

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How to Establish a Diversity and Inclusion Council at Your Organization

Great things can happen when people from different races, genders, cultures, abilities and beliefs work together. Learn how you can help create a more inclusive culture within your own organization by establishing a diversity, equity and inclusion council.

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How to Develop Essential Business Skills

Whether you want to enhance your business understanding within your workplace or pursue a career path as a corporate leader, developing business skills may serve you well. They can apply to nearly all industries and help you set the stage for your future.

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Career Tips for Women in Technology

In her 20 years of working in tech, consultant Blanca Leon-Carter has mastered the art of navigating roles she often sees dominated by men. Here are some of the top tips that Leon-Carter has learned—and recommends for growth—as a woman in tech.

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Is a Graduate Degree Right for Me?

Whether you’re looking to evolve in your current role, or explore opportunities to transition to a new field
at work, advancing your education with a graduate degree can be a great step in pursuit of your next career milestone.

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Lifelong Learning: 4 Benefits You Don't Want to Miss

As you evaluate your career goals, you might envision a path to get where you want to be five or ten years from now. How will you develop the skills you need in order to get there? For many, the answer is lifelong learning.

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Adding to Your Professional Growth with a Tech-Focused Certificate

If you’re considering advancing your education to pursue new roles at work, you might want to think about a tech-focused certificate program to help you grow your skills in a discipline like programming or cyber security.

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Things to Know about Today's Engineering Technology Field

When you think of engineering, what is the first thought that comes to mind? If you answered “math,” you’re not alone. While that subject plays a part in this field of study, the learner will find that many skills, not just one specifically, are used on the job.

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3 Simple Steps to Help Improve Your Communication Skills

Communication is a “soft” skill—considered an interpersonal or "people" skill—that can help you build relationships and become an asset to your team, your organization, and even your family and friends. Learn a few simple steps you can take to help improve your communication skills.

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The Future Work Week is Coming

It’s time to get ready for the business of tomorrow. What will your workplace look like?

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Is Your Workplace Prepared for the Next Generation of Leaders?

With four generations spanning the workforce, employers may be working on leadership assimilation and back-filling vacant positions held by tenured employees. Let’s take a look at the makeup of today’s intergenerational workplace.

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Six Cool Digital Tools to Help Out at Work

Does your team need a process to run more smoothly? Are they in need of a system that will better organize a function of daily work? What are the latest trends when it comes to team communication and planning tasks at work?

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Want Your Workdays to Take Flight?

Want to soar through the workweek? Explore new ways to be ready for takeoff on Monday morning.

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Learning to Roll With The Changes

How do you react to change that affects your performance at work? You can learn to support your team as you all navigate change together.

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