JumpStart Your Education

Take any one DeVry University undergraduate course for academic credit at no tuition cost.1 Should you decide to continue classes, a 25% partner tuition savings will be available to new students for our undergraduate TechPath programs, or a 40% partner tuition savings for undergraduate Non-TechPath programs, and graduate programs.2

Learn about our JumpStart program

Open New Doors with a DeVry University Degree

Ready to move forward to your future? DeVry University and its Keller Graduate School of Management are committed to help you gain the knowledge and skills you need now to power your tomorrow. Through your employer’s partnership with DeVry, you have access to education benefits in support of your professional and life goals.

What is TechPath?

We understand technology is central to businesses everywhere, so we’ve put it at the core of our Business, Tech and Health programs with our TechPath approach at DeVry. It’s a tech-forward, experiential education, created to bring distinct value to our students and help our graduates stand out in the modern workplace. Learn more about DeVry TechPath.

DeVry TechPath grew out of the understanding that students need a different kind of education to prepare them for a world that’s tech-intense, constantly changing and connected as never before through the digital mesh – an ever-expanding dynamic interaction of smart machines, information, applications and human beings.

1See JumpStart partner page for more details on eligibility, the complimentary course and tuition savings. Those interested in a 4+ credit hour undergraduate course may also enroll.  3 credit hours would be complimentary and the student will be responsible for books, fees and tuition for credit hours 4+, paid in advance of registration.  Employees and members must apply to DVU and be admitted and accepted as a new student, meet all prerequisite and course requirements, and take the complimentary course within their first session of enrollment. Students who place foundations may not participate in the program until they have successfully completed their foundations coursework.

2New matriculating students will receive 25% savings as applied to the $487/credit-hour for TechPath undergraduate programs or the 40% savings as applied to the $609/credit-hour for Non-TechPath undergraduate programs. New non-matriculating students will receive 40% savings as applied to the standard $609/credit-hour tuition rate. New graduate students will receive 40% savings as applied to $766/credit-hour for all graduate programs. These tuition savings do not apply where a student’s net price would be less than $365/credit-hour for undergraduate courses or $460/credit-hour for graduate courses, or for students who stop attending classes for six consecutive sessions or more. Pricing is effective for all new students who begin a program in the July 2017 session.