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Programs for Transitioning Vets, Vocational Rehab Providers, and Employers

From training Army Air Corps instructors on electronic devices in the 1940’s to being one of the first schools approved to accept the original G.I. Bill® following WWII, DeVry has been educating U.S. Military personnel and supporting the transitioning Veteran community for decades. Our team at DeVryWORKS helps company’s access and train Military and Veteran candidates with skills needed for a variety of career fields and to meet business challenges.

Student Resource for Transitioning Veterans

Our online DeVry Military Veteran Center of Excellence platform is open to all of our military/Veteran students and provides opportunities for you to meet and network with other students with a military background. Additionally, a number of our campuses offer Military Centers of Excellence on campus, as well as other student organizations you might benefit from.

Military and Veteran Hiring Initiatives and Development Programs

DeVryWORKS is focused on assisting and preparing transitioning Veterans for civilian employment. Our Military recruiting and training initiatives are designed to help your organization connect with our pool of military and Veteran candidates to help you stay ahead of the hiring curve and build a diverse workforce through a variety of initiatives.

In addition to helping Veterans earn a degree, we've developed multiple offerings to help your team learn to maximize the strengths of your military and Veteran hires through skill-building workshops and classes.

DeVryWORKS Career Ready Program for Military and Veterans

DeVryWORKS Career Ready is a specialized program designed to support transitioning Veterans through a job search or career change by providing personalized one-on-one career coaching and an online course. Through Career Ready, Veterans receive coaching and job leads, develop resumes, fine tune interviewing skills, and establish a strategic career path.

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DeVryWORKS Green Zone Training Program

DeVryWORKS is proud to present Green Zone training – an extensive program created to provide our corporate partners with resources and specialized support for their Military and Veteran hiring initiatives. DeVryWORKS' Green Zone training is a way to help your company better attract, understand and maximize the potential of transitioning Veteran candidates and team members.

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