Take advantage of Military tuition rates

DeVry focuses on delivering hands-on opportunities with tech-infused education programs for 40+ career fields in business, technology and healthcare administration. Currently serving military and their spouses are eligible for a number of benefits.

  • Military and veteran benefits include a group tuition rate for eligible military and their spouses*
  • Military training and prior learning credit - You may qualify to transfer up to 92 credits of approved coursework, including military experience. Learn more about our Prior Learning Assessment program
  • Transfer credits - If you're switching to DeVry or Keller, we can help you minimize cost by maximizing your qualifying transfer credits
  • Waived application fee saves you money and further simplifies our simple three-step application process for U.S.-based students
  • Deferred billing plans can help manage payment timing

Other Benefits You May Qualify For

  • Tuition Assistance - A service member who qualifies for Tuition Assistance (TA) may be eligible for military TA with a maximum amount paid of: 100% tuition undergraduate; 75% graduate
  • The Montgomery GI Bill® - called "MGIB" for short, provides up to 36 months of education benefits to eligible veterans and service members for approved education and training programs
  • The Post 9/11 GI Bill® - is an education benefit program for individuals who served on active duty after September 10th, 2001. Veterans may receive a percentage on the benefit payment for the following:  A tuition and fee payment that is paid directly to the school, a books and supplies stipend, and housing allowance

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at www.benefits.va.gov/gibill


Getting started in a degree program has never been easier. Follow these simple steps to apply to DeVry University today.

  1. Review requirements. Find out if you meet the minimum requirements for enrollment.

  2. Please fill out the information form and a designated military admissions advisor will contact you. Application fees have been waived for all US military personnel, including National Guardsmen, Reservists and respective spouses.

  3. Submit your transcripts. Be sure to obtain a copy of your official academic transcripts from the secondary school (high school or GED) from which you graduated, along with any qualified military and other post-secondary credits you would like us to review. Please see the Joint Service Transcript (JST) website for military transcripts.

  4. Interview Process.

If you completed your application online and have never been interviewed by an admissions advisor, you will be contacted within one business day of applying. During your initial interview, you will cover information on programs, start dates, and any additional admissions materials that will be required to complete the enrollment process. On the other hand, if you are already working with a military admissions advisor, you will receive further instructions once completed.

Speak to a designated military admissions advisor by calling 877-894-6388

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Registering for Class

Important Tips When Applying for Tuition Assistance

Books and Fees

Transferring Credits

How to Order Military Transcripts

Registering for Class

Your military admissions advisor will help you through the registration of your first class. After you are initially enrolled at DeVry, you will be assigned a military academic advisor who will assist with enrolling in subsequent classes.

Please fill out the information form and a military admissions advisor will contact you.

Tuition Assistance

Take advantage of an affordable education.

If you are currently serving in the U.S. Navy, your college degree will never be more affordable. As an eligible service member entitled to use Tuition Assistance benefits, you are eligible for the following military tuition assistance for an undergraduate degree program: 

·         $250 per Semester Credit Hour

·         Up to $4500 per Fiscal Year*

* Navy TA has a cap of 16 credit hours per fiscal year

By transferring credits from the Joint Service Transcript (JST) and other regionally accredited schools, you may earn up to 92 credits towards your bachelor's degree. Get your education rolling and earn your bachelor's degree in as few as 3 years from DeVry University.

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Important Tips When Applying for Tuition Assistance

If you are enrolled at DeVry University, you can apply for tuition assistance by completing the application for TA (tuition assistance). Be sure to list course(s) and fee(s) and receive command approval signature to enroll in the course(s).

·         To ensure your TA voucher is accurate you must secure a statement of fees notice; your military admissions advisor will assist you with this. The statement of fees notice outlines your start/ending dates, course cost, total credits, and out of pocket expenses.

·         Students taking more than one course can submit one TA form if all their courses have the same start date.

·         Proper signatures from your Education Services Officer (ESO) and Command Representative are required, as well as your own signature.

If this is your first time setting up tuition assistance, or if you have relocated to a new base, you may need additional educational counseling from your Navy College Office in person, by phone or via email. Please contact your direct Supervisor or Navy College Office for more information.

How to Deliver a Completed Tuition Assistance Voucher

·         Email your completed TA voucher to your advisor prior to your course start date or fax it to Military Finance at 630-572-1172 after your course has started.

o    Please do not send the Application for Tuition Assistance; this is not the approved form.

Books and Fees

Costs for textbooks, supplies and any required specialized equipment varies by program. The average estimated per-session expense for full-time students is:

All programs except Electronics & Computer Technology, Engineering Technology - Computers, Engineering Technology – Electronics | Per Session Expense $190

Electronics & Computer Technology | Per Session Expense $425

Engineering Technology – Computers | Per Session Expense $535

Engineering Technology – Electronics | Per Session Expense $575

Most courses require electronic course materials, which may include tutorials, simulations, study guides, electronic versions of textbooks and other interactive study material. Average per session costs noted above include this electronic course materials charge. If electronic versions of textbooks are included, hardcopy textbooks are no longer required for these courses but may be purchased for an additional cost.

For students who want printed textbooks as well as eBooks, black and white, soft-cover printed versions of certain course eBooks are available for $10 each. These optional print-on-demand books are identical to course eBooks. More information is available in the student handbook.

Most courses with an ECT, ECET or REET designator (and certain alternate courses) include an $80-per-course equipment charge for the following:

·         Analog/digital trainer

·         Hand-held digital multimeter

·         Oscilloscope

Average per-session costs for ECT, ET-C and ET-E program textbooks and supplies noted above include this equipment charge.

Costs are subject to change based on publishers'/suppliers' prices. Applicable taxes and shipping fees apply.

DeVry has limited spare equipment available for student use but does not guarantee that spare equipment will be available.

Students may use the equipment only while enrolled, and actively participating, in at least one course with the ECT, ECET or REET designator, or in related courses; however, DeVry retains ownership of equipment at all times. Students must use equipment in accordance with its instructions; may not abuse, neglect or allow others to use it; and must ensure that equipment is not lost, stolen or damaged. If, however, equipment is lost, stolen or damaged, students must notify DeVry, and DeVry will charge students up to the full cost of replacement. If equipment is recovered unharmed and returned to DeVry within 30 days after the loss or theft, DeVry will credit or refund any amounts paid for replacement equipment.

DeVry may allow students to retain equipment after successful completion of all program requirements. Students who suspend or discontinue enrollment in their program of study will be required, at DeVry's option, to either return the equipment to DeVry within seven calendar days at their own expense or to pay DeVry the full cost of the equipment. Students authorize DeVry to charge any amount payable for equipment to their DeVry account.

Further information is available from DeVry's student services advisors.

Transferring Credits

Military coursework and educational experiences are evaluated according to the criteria determined by the American Council on Education (ACE). ACE recommendations may indicate that military coursework and educational experiences qualify for either transfer credit or proficiency credit. DeVry University subject matter experts use the guidelines established by ACE to determine if the military documentation warrants awarding academic proficiency credit toward a degree program.

The University is also a member of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) consortium. Degree Network System (DNS), a subgroup of SOC consortium member institutions selected by the military services to deliver specific associate and bachelor's degree programs. As a member of the DNS, the University adheres to academic policies intended to support military students in their academic endeavors toward degree completion.

As a military student, you may be eligible to transfer up to 92 credit hours of qualified military coursework and other post-secondary education credits toward your DeVry University degree program. In addition, you may be eligible for the military's tuition assistance programs.

How to Order Military Transcripts

If you have existing credits you'd like to apply toward your DeVry University degree, you'll need to secure an official transcript. The Joint Service Transcript (JST) web site will walk you through the process of sending official military transcripts electronically to DeVry University. For all other non-military transcripts, please contact your DeVry military admissions advisor for instructions on how to proceed.