Affordable, Career-Focused Higher Education for all Sailors

Earning your degree while serving in the military is a goal that's within reach with DeVry University's online learning options. DeVry's partnership with the Navy College Program Distance Learning Partnership gives you the opportunity to get a Navy rating related degree through distance learning. You can complete your degree program entirely over the Internet, without ever visiting a classroom.

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Military Contact Info

Our military advisors are dedicated to making sure your academic experience is a positive one, please contact a military advisor at 877-894-6388

Education Options for Military Students

With a long history of supporting members of the U.S. Military to help them reach their higher education goals, DeVry University helps the military students and the veteran community prepare for what’s next with tech-infused education programs. Whether you’re planning to make a career in the military or transition to civilian life, you’ll have a dedicated team of student support advisors and caring professors to support you each step of the way.

Stand Out in the Digitally Driven World

The ability to navigate and leverage technology—it can give you the edge you need to help drive business forward and fuel your career. The TechPath approach at DeVry centers on tech-infused education in our Business, Tech and Health programs, to help our graduates stand out in the modern workplace.

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