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Honoring Your Family with the Advance 500 Scholarship

You’ve dedicated yourself to serving others - that means your family has, too. We’re proud to return that dedication as you transition to next stage of career and family life beyond service.

We are happy to introduce you to the Advance 500 Scholarship from DeVry University. This award lets you, as National Guard Association of Arkansas (NGAA) member, pursue your education at DeVry and bring one of your dependents* along for the journey - at zero tuition cost** for your family member!

*Dependents who may benefit from family tuition savings include: spouse, biological child, stepchild, legally adopted child, child for whom the employee is a court appointed guardian, child of a domestic partner, and adoptive or biological parents of the eligible employee. Dependents are also defined as a domestic partner in a committed long-term relationship. Neither party can be legally married to other individuals.

**Scholarship equal to tuition charges per session as long as sponsor and recipient are meeting continuing eligibility criteria (not including books and fees).

Classes Start Every 8 Weeks

Put 100% Tuition Savings to Work for Your Family

Could your family benefit from a scholarship that covers 100% of tuition costs** for one of your loved ones? The Advance 500 Scholarship award was created to work for you as a new or readmit student at DeVry.

  • The Scholarship is available to dependents of NGAA members
  • Qualifying new or readmit undergraduate or graduate students who are NGAA members may sponsor one designated, qualified new or readmit student who is their dependent to receive a Scholarship
  • NGAA members who are sponsors must enroll as a new or readmit student from November 2019 through January 2021
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