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When you think of engineering, what is the first thought that comes to mind? If you answered “math,” you’re not alone. While that subject plays a part in this field of study, the learner will find that many skills, not just one specifically, are used on the job.

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Communication is a “soft” skill—considered an interpersonal or "people" skill—that can help you build relationships and become an asset to your team, your organization, and even your family and friends. Learn a few simple steps you can take to help improve your communication skills.

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The Future Work Week is Coming

It’s time to get ready for the business of tomorrow. What will your workplace look like?

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Is Your Workplace Prepared for the Next Generation of Leaders?

With four generations spanning the workforce, employers may be working on leadership assimilation and back-filling vacant positions held by tenured employees. Let’s take a look at the makeup of today’s intergenerational workplace.

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Six Cool Digital Tools to Help Out at Work

Does your team need a process to run more smoothly? Are they in need of a system that will better organize a function of daily work? What are the latest trends when it comes to team communication and planning tasks at work?

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Ever Felt Like Challenges Were All Around?

Paralypic swimmer, Tucker Dupree, shares his path of tenacity, and drive that has fueled his athletic achievements and career.

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Want Your Workdays to Take Flight?

Want to soar through the workweek? Explore new ways to be ready for takeoff on Monday morning.

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Safeguard Your Online Identity

Whether you’re surfing the web or posting food pics on social media, the threat of identity theft never really goes away. Are you current with device cybersecurity?

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Want Credit for What You Have Done?

Game designer Jonathan Weinberger wanted to maximize academic credit from prior studies and ensure his education would apply to his career.

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The Road Home for Veterans

After serving two tours in Iraq, Justin Miller works with the Road Home program to break down the stigma of Veteran issues like PTSD and depression.

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Learning to Roll With The Changes

How do you react to change that affects your performance at work? You can learn to support your team as you all navigate change together.

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