Hear From DeVry Military Students

Open New Doors with a DeVry University Degree

Ready to move forward to your future? SOCCOAST has partnered with DeVry University and its Keller Graduate School of Management to help you gain the knowledge and skills you need now to power your tomorrow.

At DeVry, we think you should expect a lot from your education—not just a credential, but one that could open doors for you at work. That’s why we offer real-world, career-focused programs, designed with input from industry leaders. We approach education this way because we understand the need for hands-on problem solving and enhanced leadership skills. Through your employer’s partnership with DeVry, you have access to education benefits in support of your professional and life goals.

Education Options for Military Students

With a long history of supporting members of the U.S. Military to help them reach their higher education goals, DeVry University helps the military students and the veteran community prepare for what’s next with tech-infused education programs. Whether you’re planning to make a career in the military or transition to civilian life, you’ll have a dedicated team of student support advisors and caring professors to support you each step of the way.

Stand Out in the Digitally Driven World

The ability to navigate and leverage technology—it can give you the edge you need to help drive business forward and fuel your career. The TechPath approach at DeVry centers on tech-infused education in our Business, Tech and Health programs, to help our graduates stand out in the modern workplace.