Get Inspired by Students Like You

Nathan Maddela | BS in Technical Management, 2018

"I’m ready to show the world what I’m capable of and I think I can do great things in this world. I believe every class has shaped me into the man that I am today."

Serena Nuccio | BS in Multimedia Design and Development, 2015 + MBA in Marketing, 2017

“It sounds cliché to say, but literally every single professor wants to watch you succeed while you're in school. You see it the first day you enter the class. And you'll get it up until your last class.”

Brett Ashley Rotelli | MBA, 2015

"The professors understand that school is not the only thing going on in our lives. Many of us are working full time jobs, have families and have added school on top of that. They understand what we as students are going through."

Richard Mitchell | BS in Management, 2016

"My career goal is to become an entrepreneur and own and run my own business. DeVry is helping me by teaching me to be independent and preparing me to be successful in today's economic society."

Mayra Enid Sanchez | BS in Computer Information Systems, 2017

“DeVry is teaching me how to make applications. A memorable moment was seeing a program that I built work for the first time.”

Jasmine Wilson | MBA in Accounting, 2018

"Realizing what I was going to get back at the end allowed me to keep pushing for my degree while balancing school and work."

Keyeshime Fipps | MPM, 2018

"DeVry gives you that hands on experience... it gives you the confidence to go out into the real world and be successful at whatever job you decide to pursue."

Kristen Hemmemen | BS in Communications, 2018

"I chose DeVry because it was convenient with my crazy work schedule. They made it very user friendly. I enjoyed taking the classes."

Hakeem Mumuni | Master's in Business Administration, February 2018

"I gained valuable experience completing my program at DeVry. The students, staff and advisors were of immense help to me during and after completion of my program. I look forward to more fruitful association with the institution."